Monday, July 19, 2010

MOM July 18, Welcome to new members and Session update

This week's Youth League Meeting was an interesting session, thou a bit longer. OK, I would say, today's session actually started of almost as soon as the church concluded :-) We had an active participation by everyone to pull in new members. We had lots of students from Hindustan College and other potential new members to the Youth League. We had atleast 4-5 of the members engaging them.

BTW since this post also goes out to all new visitors, let me take the opportunity to welcome all the visitors to the St Paul's Marthoma Church Adyar ( To be precise, we have 24 persons newly added to this mailing list today. I know many may be already regular visitors to the church. Do come for the Youth League as it could help mold your lives according to the will of God. That's one part of the goal. It also helps you socialize with people of your own thought process.

We also had 3 coupon books to be sold and it was done quite easily by our most active members :-).

The singing session started a bit late. We had a follow up discussion with Rev Jacob Achen.

We decided we will have a quick re-cap of what we heard in the sermon before we start the discussion. Members please remember we have to make the session interactive, hence try to collect some points to share and think of questions for the speaker during the sermon itself. Lets make every minute we spend count.

The main theme of the sermon in church was love as a common denominator. It ended of with a true story about the Rickshaw Puller and a small girl, that reminded what charity really is.

Some of the below points were asked during the youth meeting.

The first was the significance of turning the other cheek when one of it was slapped. A point was highlighted that it does not mean submission to wrong doing.

The story of the Rickshaw Puller was touching as it showed what we consider charity. It highlighted the fact that we need to give our time and effort for others. Money alone is not sufficient. Giving money out of abundance is not charity. Quality over quantity matters. I would leave it to one of the members to add a comment with the details of the story in this blog.

I am sure there were other points discussed, I hope other members would chime in.

Onam Celebrations:
We will have our Onam Celebrations along with the Church Harvest Festival on Sept 4 & 5. Our Thirumeni, Rt. Rev. Chrysostom Marthoma Vellia Metropolitan will attend and grace the occassion. We plan to have some games and activities organised during that weekend.
Football Tournament - MTC Futsal :
We will also participate in the football tournament conducted by the Chennai Center Youth League to be help on 7 & 8th August at the YMCA Grounds, Nandanam. We will get back with the exact times for the matches by end of the week.

We also decided to opt out of the Shuttle Tournament organised by the Christian Sports League.

BTW if you missed the Jul 11th session, don't miss to read the blog post titled Confessional Prayer of the Marthoma Church.

Hope to see those who did not attend today, next week.

Have a great week ahead.

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