Friday, July 9, 2010

Instructions for BRIM Electronic Display in Church

K.K. Agencies deployed the display device in Church. We call it  BRIM because that is the first text shown on the screen. The below options are for the keyboard based one bought in 2005.

Editing and existing entry:

  • Switch on the display by plugging it in.
  • Choose the entry by using the Up and Down arrow key
  • To edit a specific entry. press F1, now edit the entry using the keyboard. Be patient, it is slow.
  • Once making changes, press Enter, then F12. Now it begins to scroll.
  • Press F9 to make it stop the scroll. Press Up or Down arrow key as appropriate to reach the right entry.

Adding a new Entry to the end of the existing list:
  • Switch on the display, in the state when it is scrolling, press F8
    • Now you will see different options. 
      • The first entry is GAP:01 then press Enter to view the next option.
      • Speed:05 Enter
      • Wait:02 Enter
      • Now you can add content. By default the font may be big, reduce it by pressing F5 and the save as usual by pressing Enter and F12.

Resetting All Entries:

  • While the text is scrolling (typically happens when you start BRIM for the first time or when you press Esc), press F11. 
  • You will see SET TIME on the screen. When you see this, press the UP Arrow key and then navigate to CLEAR ALL. 
  • Now Enter one by one in the normal procedure as mentioned above.

You can contact KK Agencies,  the manufacturer/vendor in the following numbers :  044 - 2245 69 25, 94444 56052

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