Saturday, October 22, 2011

Group Discussion : Activities for Youth Meetings

Last Sunday  we had a very interesting discussion in our sakhyam meeting. 

Our Gurukul friend Mr. Jijo Thankachen started talking about The Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam and  he explained what all we should know about our Yuvajana Sakhyam. Followed by this topic he asked all members to write one or two programs which they would like done in our Sakhyam meetings. All were interested i doing this  exercise and based on their choice we divided the groups in to four. There were  four different topics. 

Then each group had discussed about their topics separately and  came up with good ideas on how  we can  implement these. One person from each group came forward and explained their suggestion.  

Ideally we need to plan  and  follow a theme for a month. Based on the theme each team should present their activities.

Team A - Dayana, Alex, Rainu, Kevin

Social Initiatives

  • Commitment towards any social organization for a period and providing necessary assistance for their crucial needs
  • Regular visit to this organization
  • Providing monetary help
  • Providing clothes
  • Tuition for kids
  • Taking them outing once in a year
  • Sponsoring a child or an inmates expense

Team B - Kuruvilla, Deepti, Feba, Lidiya

Our group discussed on the topic how Youth Members of our church can help in the GO GREEN activity that's been progressing all around us. But we need to think about the fact that are we participating in such activities.God made this beautiful world and is given to mankind to take care of it. Are we doing the task that is entrusted on us?

So as a youth member of this parish, how  can we save our environment. Small initiatives might change the world and make it a better place to live. Some of the initiatives that we can do :

        Use emails wherever possible instead of paper. Avoid printing papers unnecessarily.
        Avoid the use of plastics in our parish and let the youth ensure  whether it is being accomplished .
        Use paper cups or steel cups (paper plates/steel plates ).

        Donate a jute bag or paper bag to every youth and ensure whether they are using properly.Carry that bag wherever you go and ensure you are not bringing a plastic cover/bag home. If such an initiative works out in the right manner,we can tell the church members about our GO Green activity and ask them to do so (by giving /selling them jute bags).

        Ensure that the electrical appliances are unplugged /switched off when we are not using them.

        Take adequate steps to buy the appropriate quantity of food so that it will not be wasted.

Team C - Allen, Galdwin, Blessy, Cinchu

1. Invite senior citizens to the sakhyam meeting to share their thoughts and experiences. Try and conduct programs for the senior citizens in our church, visit them, which would be a good way to make them happy.
2. Make the presence of the youth league felt in the church by conducting youth Sunday once in a month or so, singing new songs once in a while on Sundays etc...
3. Encourage praise and worship services.
4. Bible study: Take a bible verse, spread it to all members, each and everyone do a study on the given verse and discuss it the next Sunday.
5. Name the trees in the church compound. Take up plant trees campaign in the church and the surrounding areas.
6. Try and have a uniform, when we go as youth league for programs or competitions.
7. Send thoughts to all the members on a regular basis in order to encourage the youth in our church to come for the youth league meetings. 

8.Talk to the new people who come to church and invite them for our meetings.
9. Encourage more team work.

Team D - Sujith, Jerin, Nia, Aneesh

1. Detail class and video presentation on our liturgy and history
2 Gospel concert and worship
3 Lucky draw for the poor and needy
4 Debate on current affairs
5 Monthly theme - for a year 12 theme
6 One day tour
7 Two day camp
8 youth meeting in an orderly manner - Bible reading, songs, daily activities, minutes reading

Thank you all for your valuable suggestions and hope we can implement at least some of it.

Special thanks to Mr. Jijo Thankachen, who had conducted this event.

Let us work together and bring out excellent results.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Youth Sunday Update

Today was celebrated as Youth Sunday.

We had all round participation of the Yuvajana Sakhyam members today.

The special guest for the week was Rev. V. M Mathew who talked to us from the Bible about Joseph and how he was able to be role model for integrity in work and life. In addition to other values, he also talked about how Joseph transformed bondages in to triumphs.

We had Dayana, Cinchu and Alex assisting Achen with the Youth Sunday English Order of worship.

Aju and Blessy participated in the offertory collection and kiss of peace.

Vishal, Sujith and Tony assisted Achen in the altar.

As mentioned last week, we also had a special Hindi song - Yesu mere saath he, yeshu mere andar he, composed and tuned by Mr. Tony. Thanks for everyone's participation today.

Especially it was a great sight to see everyone on time in church by 7:40 am (when the time given was 7:45am) for the song and activities preparation ! Great team work.

The Youth Meeting that followed started off with singing two songs and prayer by Mr. Gijo. Then we had Rev V. M Mathew Achen continuing from where he left the sermon and called up on the youth to ensure the right attitude in the workplace, and to live a disciplined life to become a disciple of the Lord.

We had five new faces today : Arun & Kiran (twins), Feba & Lydia (ME Anna university) and Kevin. A warm welcome to all.

Kiran made the closing prayer.

Have a nice week ahead.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Youth Sunday : True Spirituality in the Age of Information Technology - Youth Sunday (19th Sunday after Pentecost)

This Sunday will be celebrated as Youth Sunday - October 9th. It also coincides with our Qurbana Service in English.

The youth league will also sing a special Hindi song taught by Mr. Tony. All Youth League Members are requested to join the singing. It will be just before the sermon. We will have a practice session at 7:45 AM on Sunday before church begins.

Theme for Youth Sunday as per the Sabha Lectionary :
True Spirituality in the Age of Information Technology - Youth Sunday (19th Sunday after Pentecost)

Gen. 39:1-10
Phil. 3:1-11

1 Tim. 4:6-16

Evening Reading
Ps. 148
2 Tim. 2:l-13

Updated : Download link for the Youth Sunday Order of worship that we will follow during the church service.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

MOM - Onam Accounts Committee Meeting - 2011

The committee meeting of St. Paul's Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam was held on Sunday (2nd Oct. 2011), immediately after the Yuvajana Sakhyam meeting.

Agenda of the Meeting:
1) Presenting the accounts of the Onam celebration held on 18th Sep, 2011

2) Finalizing the date and the venue for Yuvajana Sakhyam Camp.

3) Discussion about Magazine (Kai - ezhuthu - mazika)

4) Congratulating Kalamela Winners

The meeting was started with prayer by Rev. Gigy Thomas.
Onam accounts:
The Onam accounts was then presented by the treasurer Ms. Dayana Joseph. The details of the onam expenses and income will be updated in our blog. The committee verified and passed the accounts.

As planned earllier, the committee directed the treasurer and secretary to create the new bank account and transfer the settle the money to the account quickly. As part of this, they are to create the FD account for Jossy memorial fund at the earliest. The Jossy Memorial Fund will be maintained by St. Pauls Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam and the interest of the corpus will be given through the appropriate channel to fund education of a child.

Youth Camp : We decided to have two days camp in our church premises on 14th and 15th January, 2012. Participants from age group 15 and above are welcome to participate. The camp committee will meet separately and plan for the arrangement of the camp.

Kai ezhuthu Magazine:
The committee nominated three people for managing the magazine publication. Following members are nominated by the committee.

1. Kuruvilla Mathew - Release Owner / Publishing / Co-ordination and ensuring timely completion.

2. Content Owner - Christo Jacob George & Sujith M Philip

Finishing date of this magazine is on 31st Jan, 2012.

We also spent few minutes for congratulating Kalamela winners. The trophy and certificate will be provided to the winners on the Youth Sunday(9th OCT, 2011).

The Meeting ended up with closing prayer by Gibu and the benediction by Rev. Gigy Thomas.