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July 11 : Confessional Prayer of the Mar Thoma Church

We were privileged to have Rev Sam Koshy Achen talk to us on the confessional prayer of the Mar Thoma Church during the youth league meeting. Here is a quick write up of what we understood. BTW we had good attendance at the youth league meeting  with over 25 people attending. Now to the details.

There will be Series of messages on the Sacrement of the Marthoma Church on every Second Sunday.

Why do we believe in Public Confession?

Public confession is a tradition dating back to the time of reformation in the church. Public confession is an act of affirming the sinful nature of oneself before God and the community. Belief is with support and help of the community, hence public confession.

 The Prayer of Confession can be divided into three statements.

  1. Statement to God
  2. Statement of Sin
  3. Statement of Redemption

Each statement has 3 subparts.

 Statement to God

 The Statement to God addresses God the Father who created the world, Jesus the Son who is the Savior and the Holy Spirit.

  • God the Father created us in his image .Therefore we are both spiritually and cosmically like him. Hence we are inherently good and have the potential to be good. However He has given us the freedom to do good or evil. It is when we misuse the freedom that God has given us that we fall into sin. (Creator God). In spite of our sins God forgives us like our parents.
  • Jesus dies on the Cross and saved us from sin. God sent His Son in the form of a Human to save us. Even though Jesus redeemed us, we still continue to sin (Redeemer God).
  • Holy Spirit reminds us about what is good and bad. The Holy Spirit is like our conscience which tells us the difference between good and evil and guides us. The Holy Spirit is the Counselor within us.(Reference- John14:16)

Statement of Sin

We sin through Thought, Word and Deed

Thought – we sin through Thought because our intentions are not correct; we are filled with malignant thoughts which direct the course our thoughts are shaped. (Reference - Acts 8: 21)

Word – we sin through words which are usually said on the spur of the moment or during quarrels. (Reference- Proverbs 12: 18, 19)

Deed- we sin through our actions because our deeds are not good (Reference Luke 23: 41, 42)

Thought, Word and Deed are related to each other at some level. Hence our thoughts will affect our words and actions and vice versa.

Statement on Redemption

Redemption is meant for persons who are truly sorry for their sins. Even people who you think can never be accepted are also forgiven. 

  • Woman who was a sinner – she took the initiative to confess.(Luke 7 : 47,48)
  • Publican –  the tax collector Levi – Jesus took the initiative and goes to the sinner (Luke 5: 27-29)
  • Thief on the cross – even at the time of death you can confess.(Luke 23: 41,42)
Some of the points mentioned during the class :

  • Confession is like a new handshake with God.
  • Communion is like a Fellowship meal with God. (Psalms 103: 6-8)
  • Even if a person is a sinner, God will honour him if he comes back.
  • Serious and repeated confession will give you a control over sin. Dedication is necessary; i.e., you have to be truly sorry for your sins.
  • Confession is an every time, anywhere activity.

Please post any comments on additions or corrections to the content. Any factual errors, do let us know by posting to this blog, so that we can make corrections.

- Ashish & Biju


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