Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chennai Center Kalamela 2010 Update

By God's grace we were able to conduct the Chennai Center Kalamela 2010 at the St Paul's Marthoma Church, Adyar. Thanks to all the Achens, Chennai Center Office Bearers, judges, participants, Committees, and all 6 parishes who participated. Special thanks to Liba and Zach too for the extensive groundwork before the event actually even started.

We had participation from Tambaram, St Thomas Mount, Avadi, Chetpet, Adayar and Annanagar. Special thanks to these parishes.

OK now let me address our Yuvajana Sakhyam !

I am sure many of you would have had a good learning experience by participating in various events and even in organizing the events. One important learning for me was in "the ability of the individual". Everyone is talented. They know how to solve problems, if given the opportunity, if forced to take the opportunity ! Our events could finish of on time, because each "Host" thought through the problem and made adjustments to ensure the events would finish off ahead of time. We started of an hour late, but finished off well ahead of time, in the process allowing our visiting friends to get to City-Center on time :-)

I guess I will stop the blabbing and let the pictures do the talking.

Thanks to all participants (for events and those who helped organize)

The only practice we had for the Tableu was 10 minutes before the event :-) great work Christo & team !

View the Group Singing by St Paul's Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam !

St Paul's Marthoma Church Youth League

Tambaram Team

View the photo album on the church website here.

There are a lot of tidbits missed out. Please post them as comments :-)

ps: If you have a great photo that you think depicts the Kalamela better, please share it in this blog. Post a comment or send an email to "spmcadyar" @"" - (without the double quotes)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam Chennai Center Kalamela 2010

The Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam Chennai Center Kala mela 2010  will be held in Adyar St Paul's Marthoma Church on Saturday, Nov. 27, 2010.

More details here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

MOM : Nov. 21st

As discussed the Kalamela will be held in our church on Saturday.

You can get the schedule details on our web page.

Various committee members have been identified.

Host for Various events :
Singing Segment : Robin, Dayana, Deena
One Act Play Segment : Renosh, Biju, Aju
Painting Segment : Sweety, Biju, 1 member from Tambaram
Essay Writing Segment : Anish (Kuruvilla), 1 member from Tambaram

Registration Desk: Sam, Anoop, Cinchu, 2 members from Tambaram
Hospitality / Travel/ Food : Sherin, Rooshan, Cinchu
Food Committee : Biju, Sherin, Rooshan

Lets meet on Friday 5 PM at Church for practice for the group songs. Also the various hosts should make it by then.

Have a great week ahead.

Friday, November 19, 2010

MOM : Nov. 14 Unity Sunday

We had a pleasant meeting last Sunday which also happened to be Children's day and Unity Sunday (the CSI, CNI, Marthoma Churches).

We spent most of the time practicing for the group song for the Kalamela.

The below are the group songs we will be singing.
- Blessed Assurance
- O What a wonderful, wonderful day

Malayalam Group song : Same song we sang for the Youth Sunday.

Please note all those who attend the Yuvajana Sakhyam can participate. Please get in touch asap if you want to join an event.

Individual Events :
English : Solo (1 given + 1 songs): Nia, Ruby
Malayalam Song (Any 1 song) : Solo : Nia, Ruby
Essay Writing : ? , Sujith
Poetry : Christo, Soumya
Elocution : Sujith, Rino
Mimicry : Christo
Recitation : Cinchu, Deepti
Sketching : Deena, ?
Painting : Deena, ?
Cartooning : ?
Clay Modelling : Kuruvilla, Sherin
Instrumental Music :
String - Jenzo
Keyboard - Nia
Wind - Nia

Singing :- English (2 songs ) : Everyone : Up to 12 members. We will sing the song, Blessed Assurance & O What a wonderful day.. .
Singing :- Malayalam : Everyone : Up to 12 members.
One Act Play : ?
Bible Quiz : Christo, Gladwin, ?
Choreography : ?
Tableau : Christo & Team

The above list was updated on Nov. 22
Summary of the sermon in church :

  • It was the CSI, CNI, Marthoma Church Unity Sunday.
  • The main theme was one flock, one shepherd. Rev. Samuel stressed on the need for unity among all for fullness of life.
  • It was based on the Bible portion: St. John 10. The threat of globalization and manipulation is far from what we read about the good shepherd in John's gospel.
  • We need to also remember that we are all equal in God's sight. Take it literally. No exceptions, and seek the other so that we lead more humane lives.

Have a great week ahead.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

MOM : Nov 7 : Cyclone, World Sunday School Day and Today's session

Today we had lesser than the usual number of people in church, due to the bad weather. Actually I should not say, bad weather. We need rains in Chennai.

Today is celebrated as World Sunday School Day and Ms Nisha of the Velachery Prayer group gave the sermon.

To summarize, the sermon highlighted the four important characteristics of Jesus.
  • Curiosity
  • Deep Knowledge  : we too should strive to learn in-depth, of whatever we work in.
  • Sense of duty
  • Obedience
We decided to have the Youth Meeting in-spite of the fact that we had very few members in church. We had 5 members attending it. We met for 30 minutes and had a quick discussion on what events we will participate in during the Kalamela.

One important note : The Kalamela is being held in our Parish. Hence we need the help of all members to conduct the activities successfully. Those who may not be registered members can participate by organizing the events.

Here is a list of persons with events we have in mind for them. This is far from the starting line up. So please register yourselves.

Individual Events :
English : Solo  (1 given  + 1 songs): Nia, Ruby
Malayalam Song (Any 1 song) : Solo : Gladwin, Ruby
Essay Writing : Dayana , Sujith
Poetry : Christo, Soumya
Elocution : Sujith, Deepti
Mimicry : Gladwin
Recitation : Cinchu
Sketching : Nancy, Deena
Painting : Nancy, Deena
Cartooning : ?
Clay Modelling : ?
Instrumental Music : Jenzo,  Ashwin

Singing :- English (2 songs ) : Everyone : Up to 12 members. We will sing the song, Blessed Assurance & Amazing Grace.
Singing :- Malyalam : Everyone : Up to 12 members.
One Act Play :
Bible Quiz : Grace, Christ, ..
Choreography :
Tableau : Christo & Team

To get more details about the various events, please take a look at the
details here.

We have not finalized the above list. Please get in touch with Gibu / Christo / Cinchu if you want to participate.

On another note, Preetha, one of our Youth League members, is getting married to Arun (who works in Bangalore). On behalf of the Yuvajana Sakhyam, we wish her happy married life !

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend. See you all in church next week.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chennai Center Kalamela 2010 – 2011

You can view the details of the various events in our Yuvajana Sakhyam website (there is also a new dedicated tab at the top). You can also get details of our church location at our church website.

MOM : Oct 31

Meeting started with a Prayer (By Deepthi). Achen joined the meeting and we had an open discussion on  "How to lead a meaningful life in circumstances which looks odd to us".

Every one added their there valuable points and shared their life experience.

We also decided to give Ravi some gift for his marriage.

We concluded the meeting with prayer, by Lincy.

-  Kuruvilla Mathew