Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dec 19 : Devotional Talk

Today we actually went back to the basics after quite a few meetings. The last weekly meetings were more of practice for our carols, Kalla mela etc.. 

We had a thought provoking message from Daiju. It was very much needed as we are celebrating Christmas and also entering in to the new year

The gist of the message was the need for  healing which leads to a sound body, mind and soul. For this we need to bring around a "relative" change for the better in  all our actions. We can rely on HIM for our solace. For some that is facilitated  by being in the right place.  Be it your native home in Kerala, friends, family, church or hopefully the weekly Yuvajana Sakhyam meetings :-)

I would summarize it as HCF - Heal, change and fellowship / friends / community.

Please post any questions you have. Daiju has agreed to be active in our blogs or mailing list. He will also ask questions or suggestions to make our group more active.

We also proposed to have our first cottage fellowship on Saturday, 4 PM, Jan 1st at the residence of Gibu (me).

Wishing everyone a great Christmas season ahead. 

MOM : Dec 12, just a stand-in meeting :-)

Dec 12, we really did not have a meeting inside church. Being the day after the Christmas Carols, the strength of the congregation was low. There were just five of us for the Sakhyam. We just had a stand-in meeting outside the church. Basically chaaya kudichoonddu samsarichu.... sold some Carols CDs ..... 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

MOM : Dec 5th : Practice for the YL Carols' slot

Today's session was mainly a practice session for our Church Christmas Carols.

We will be singing a beautiful song, selected by Gladwin. Hope you got the the lyrics of the song along with the link to the mp3 file (thanks to Jerry and Ruby for mp3 and lyrics).

Please get yourself accustomed, and join the Yuvajana Sakhyam while singing.

We will also have a practice session at 4:45 PM on Saturday, just before the Carols' start.

Reminder : Our Christmas Carols will be on Saturday Dec 11th @ 6:00 PM. It will followed by dinner so that's another reason you MUST make it :-).

Enjoy the wonderful Christmas season ahead.

Friday, December 3, 2010

MOM : Nov. 28th : choir, cottage fellowship, Christmas Program

We had a special session today, after the fun filled kalamela 2010 the previous day.

We had a fairly good number of members with three new members coming in. A warm welcome to Renz, Doanna and Jesmine.

We discussed quite a few things :

a) Introduction of Cottage Fellowship. Please post your comments about what is an appropriate time and day of the week.
b) Introduce a Youth League Choir so that we can participate more proactively in competitions and church service.
c) Time to practice for Christmas program. We need to present a 3-5 minute event during the Carol service.

Suggestion was made to ensure all members participate in the activities of the Yuvajana Sakhyam by way of conducting activities, games etc so that next year we are better prepared.

We had a repeat telecast :-) of the mimicry by Christo.

Other members, try to present your activity (like poetry etc..) in the next meeting.

See you in church later this week.