Sunday, October 31, 2010

MOM : Oct. 24 Center Kalla mela, Family Sunday ...

Family Sunday was the central theme in church, with Rev. Sam Koshy delivering the sermon. There was brunch after the service. So after rejuvenating,  15 members participated for the follow on meeting.  

We had a few updates : 

1) Center Kalla Mela will be on Nov. 27th Saturday. Will post the full list of activities / competitions soon.
2) Discussed about what we could present for the Christmas programs. 
3) There was also a discussion about some fund raising programs so that we can contribute to the charitable activities of the Sakhyam. 

BTW our offertory collection during the Yuvajana Sakhyam meeting this week was one off the highest we have had ! Those who attended will know why I explicitly mentioned it here :-) For those who did not understand, please come for the next meeting.

Have a nice week ahead.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

MOM : Oct 17 - Cyrus Sir

We had a intriguing session today with Cyrus Sir, who is a down to earth person (ex. lawyer) working in the backward regions of Orissa. Well he called on the youth to work as doctors, administrators, nurses, teachers etc. to help those deprived of basic human rights and living in abject poverty.

His speech in church was equally challenging. The youth meeting was a follow on discuss to the sermon in church.

The sermon in church was based on the healing of the paralytic person by Jesus. The paralytic was brought to Jesus by 4 persons. Their faith resulted in the healing of the paralyzed man.There is a difference between being cured and being healed. Healing involves the healing of the heart too. And the four persons here can be looked at, like the community of people who need to help the poor. We must bring in a meaningful change by our faith in the lives of the poor people. He also called upon everyone, to go out of the way, like the 4 persons who broke open the roof of the house, in the parable, to make a change in our society.

Next sunday is the Family Sunday. Do bring your family members too when coming to church and celebrate the Holy Qurbana as a family.

MOM : Oct 10 - Youth Sunday

We celebrated the Youth Sunday on Oct 12. Rev V M Mathew led the church service. The yuvajana sakhyam members played an active role in assisting the achen and other activities in the church.