Sunday, July 25, 2010

MOM : Jul 25 : Onam is round the corner

The main theme for today's session was planning for the onam celebrations ! The time of the year that reminds us of our roots.

We will have our Onam Celebrations on Sept 5. That's the new dates. Hope all of you will be back from your trip for your own "Onam celebrations" in Kerala with family.

Nia & Robin taught us a new Onam song - Kera Nirakal Aadum. However... an update : we may not sing this song. However those who want to hear this awesome song, please check out this youtube video.

Will get back with more details when we do have it.

BTW thanks to the members who ensured the youth league meeting started off on time (within 15 minutes of church ending). 

A warm welcome to the new members.

Futsal :
We also have a football team almost ready for the Tournament being conducted by the Chetpet Church as part of the Platinum jubilee celebrations.Those interested please post a comment or send an email to the group.

Have a great week ahead.

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