Sunday, June 27, 2010

MOM : Jun 27th Attitude matters

We had a very good session with guidance from Rev Sam Koshy Achen.

Primary topic of discussion in the Youth League Meeting will be a follow up of the sermon heard in Church on that day. This is good because it helps us to get in to the actual discussion as soon as possible. Well that means we all have to be more attentive in Church too. So far we have not been doing a "re-cap" of what we heard in church. I guess that should be practiced next meeting onwards so that those who missed out can come up to speed.

Topic of Discussion : 2 Timothy 1:11
The main talking point was the Story about the architect of the St Paul's Cathedral (not the one in Adyar) in London, Christopher Wren who talked to 3 workers at the construction site. Christopher asked these 3 men what they were doing. Each of them gave a different type of answer.

The story goes that the first person he talked to said he was "cutting rocks"
The second person said he was trying to construct the church so that he could earn a living to feed his family. He was looking at monetary benefits.
The third person said he was building a church.

The attitude of each of these persons were different. The third person showed the "right attitude" and Achen called on the members to have the right attitude to our work/prayer etc.

Some other jottings from the meeting :

Say a short prayer before you start reading The Bible (personal). This will make a big difference in how you are able to interpret The Bible.

Other Items discussed :
  • Notice of the Center Youth League will be held at 10 AM next Saturday, Jul 3rd, 2010.
  • Announced the availability of this website.
  • Mr. Robin Varghese reminded us to socialize and welcome the guests to the church, especially youngsters. He also highlighted the need to conduct the Onam celebrations well.

Quiz Next Week : Dayana will be conducting a quiz next week based on the first and second lessons of this week. Chapters to be familiar with : Ezekiel 37 and Romans 8.

Quick Update : Thanks to Cinchu for keeping the accounts up to date in less than a few hours of the meeting.

Well members please feel free to post your comments on corrections / additions to any posts or content on this site.

Call to members to write & post articles / photos etc on this site.

Center Youth League Notice : General Body Meeting on July 3rd

Date: 26th June ' 10

Dear Achen/Secretary,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

       The Annual General Body Meeting of the Chennai Centre Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam will be held at The Madras Mar Thoma Syrian Church, Chetpet at 10am on July 3rd 2010.


  1. Presentation/Approval  of Annual Report 2009 – 10
  2. Presentation/Approval of Annual Accounts 2009 – 10
  3. Presentation/Approval of Annual Budget 2010 - 11
  4. Election of Office Bearers for 2010 – 11
  5. Any other matters with the permission of the Chair.

       Devotional Talk will be given by Rev. V.M Mathew, Former Asst. Secretary of Yuvajana Sakhyam.

       All the Yuvajana Sakhyam members are cordially invited to attend the meeting.

Yours in Christ's Service,

Ms. Liba Varghese


Chennai Centre MTYS.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Committee Meeting Saturday 5 PM June 19th

We had 5 of the members attending the committee meeting of the youth league.

Members who attended : Rev K C George, Cinchu, Ruby, Jerry, Ashish, Sweety,Gibu

Points discussed :
1) Achen suggested we have to visit the nearby slum and inquire about their whereabouts. To empathize with their day to day life.
2) Need to update the youth league members list and have a new membership drive to sign up more persons.
3) We need to organise a 1-2 day camp among our youth league members. Best time to have a good councelor guide the sessions.
4) Youth Sunday - we should visit the members of our church. Pick one or two areas and visit some of the member houses.
5) Discussion topics : could discuss on Sacrements of the Marthoma Church.
6) Assist Achen / help in activities of the church atleast once in 2 months
7) Visit Karna mission field.
Cinju presented the accounts.

Format of the Youth League Meeting

Ideally we should start the meeting within 15 minutes of church ending.

  • Intro to new members
  • 2 Songs
  • Prayer
  • Bible Reading (if there is no leadership)
  • Updates from the last meeting
  • Testimony if required
  • We will have Discussion/ Debate based on the sermon given in church
  • Offertory
  • Prayer

Mr Robin Varghese and Rev Sam Koshy Achen will be participating in the youth league meetings.

Updated : June 27th

MOM June 13th

Leadership : Advocate P. A Cirus Sir.
Cirus sir was a living testimony of how a person can really live at harmony with nature and God even in this current society which is so fast moving.

He reiterated that we should live to satisfy our needs only, not our greed.
Matthew 6: 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.

The Bible does not say that "all things" shall be yours. But tells "all these" things shall be yours. Read the above verse again.

He challenged the Youth League members to join the social work activities in Orissa. He gave inspiring words on how his team is able to help the poor and exploited people in Orissa. They are in need for doctors and other volunteers. You can contact the vicar of St Pauls Marthoma church to get in touch with Cirus sir.

He gave more than a few points that .... highlighted why women are superior to men. He had humorous and serious points to substantiate that.

The session today was an extended one with lot of discussion generated by the members.

MOM June 6th First session for 2010

Leadership by : Rev. K. C. George

Bible Reading : We started off the year by reading Proverbs Chapter 1.

Topic of discussion : Who is your true Foundation ?
This was the topic in church too. Is the foundation of your life on a rock or on the sand.Like the wise man who built his house on the rock while the foolish man built his house on the sand, we need to make Jesus the foundation of our lives.

There was also an elaborate discussion on how we can try to live a true Christian Life in the current society. Christo also shared a real life incident in the context of this debate. He elaborated on how he stood up when there was a real need to help a person who was being targeted.

Testimony shared by Dayana

Pre-Committee Meeting Suggestions from members :

1) Have a fixed and predictable time for the Youth League Session
2) Discuss on relevant topics for Youth
a) Choosing a life partner / Marriage & Divorce
3) Meditate on what was preached in the church
4) Career Goals
5) Doubts in the Bible
6) Cottage Fellowship
7) Publish Year's events / activities in advance
- competitions
- retreats
8) YL Members should participate more in church like assisting the Achen etc.
- engage new members
- Assist Achen
9) Give members to share their testimony
10) Have a prayer box that members can drop prayer requests in.
11) Bring out a hand written book of the members

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Welcome to the Blog of St Paul's Marthoma Church Youth League.

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