Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two New Episcopas:

Mar Thoma church elected two new Episcopas today! There were three nominations - Rev. Dr. Oommen George (Adoor - Kannamkode) , Rev. Dr. Vargheese Mathai (Thumpamon), and Rev. K.V. Varkey (Kochi). Over 75% of mandalam members (both clergy & laymen) voted for Rev. Dr. Oommen George and Rev. Dr. Vargheese Mathai. Unfortunately, Rev. K.V. Varkey failed to gain the required percentage of vote.

Clergy: (Minimum vote required 75%)
Rev. Oommen George Kassesa - 77.39 %
Rev. Dr. Vargese MathaiKassessa - 84.42 %
Rev. K.V. Varkey Kassesa - 73.37 %

Laymen: (Minimum vote required 75%)
Rev. Oommen George Kassesa - 81.59 %
Rev. Dr. Vargese MathaiKassessa - 81.99 %
Rev. K.V. Varkey Kassesa - 80.93 %

However, there is one more election to be held for him on Wednesday to prove his acceptance among the mandalam members.

Let us all thank God for the new Episcopas and also pray that they'll be able to showcase strong leadership.


  1. Sujith : thanks for the latest news.

  2. Rev. K.V. Varkey Kassesa has been elected today.

  3. Dont make Rev KV Varkey as Bishop defenitly it will make marthoma sabha in to two parts.

  4. Some irritant element has taken the Church to court over the elevation of Rev. K.V.Varkey.(as per todays asianet news)
    It seems these elements dont want the Church to be led by efficient leaders. They prefer media attention, not the well being of the Church.


  5. I doubt its an irritant. when the church silently condones bad opinion, someone standing up late is better than never. if i heard right, Rev. K.V. Varkey Kassesa took the church to court before he became one in the first place. Many peace wanting persons convinced those who were against this achen during the elections. so i really think this is a logical step.

    please correct me if i am wrong.