Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Farewell to Rev. Jacob P Thomas & Bible study

It was a farewell meeting for our beloved Jacob P Thomas Achen. Sakhyam started with prayer by KC George Achen. This was followed by a vote of thanks to achen by Regichayann and Christo .

Additionally we had a prayer chain for few subjects. The subjects were prayer for Sujithachan and Soumyachechi, prayer for the tsunami and earthquake affected people of Japan, students writing their exams and prayer for Gibuchan.

All Sakhyam members actively participated in the pray chain and the meeting ended by Jacob P Thomas achen giving the closing prayer.

Bible Study during Sermon

It was 3rd Sunday after lent started , Achen given a speech based on Mark 2 : 10-11

He told the story of the paralyzed person

He came up with 2 views of the story,

1. Crowd :- barrier for the person to meet Jesus.

We need to be truly dedicate ourself in our act and pray during lent day, this will help us to meet lord.

2.Power :- God has only one power and it is Love.

Lent is the season for the experience of giving your life over -- in each moment, bodily, deliberately, to Christ and to what the Spirit is showing you. God wants you to surrender yourself, and let the Spirit work in you.

It is the opening up, the turning over to God, the repenting of our sins, the turning away from that which does not please HIM.

Thanks Anish(Kuruvilla) for posting this Bible Study

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