Friday, July 22, 2011

July 10 : Rev V. M Mathew on Seeking Him, The Old Testament and some HEATED discussions

This week we had a very interesting discussion and talk by Rev V M Mathew, a student of the M.Th. He talked to us about the importance of The Old Testament.

There were a lot of intriguing details that he shared with us and these will surely help us understand the context of the Bible.

It started off with the call to seek the Lord and that seeking should not be limited by
  • convenience
  • considerations
  • corrupted way of our life
Seeking should involve
  • a confrontating Him
  • Returning to the Lord - re-turn.
  • Submitting to his ways and thoughts

Some of the others points mentioned discussed are mentioned. It went in to the structure of the Old Testament books, plus some interesting facts about organizing the Bible.
  • Between 400 BC to Jesus birth, there is no coverage of history in the Bible
  • It is very important and interesting to first of all understand the chronology of the Bible. This will help us put things in to perspective.
Those who did not attend, did miss some very interesting views about the Bible and make sure you come every second Sunday to attend the classes organised by Rev. V. Mathew Achen.

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