Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MOM: May 8th Rev. V. M Mathew, Rev. Jobi and Rev. Gigy Thomas Achen

Today we had three priests in our midst.  Rev. V. M Mathew, Rev. Jobi and Rev. Gigy Thomas Achen.

The meeting started with prayer by Gigy Thomas achen. Then Regichayan welcomed V. M Mathew Achen, Joby achen and also all new
comers to the sakhyam meeting. The main speech was conducted by V. M Mathew achen who was our V. B. S director.

Achen focused mainly on the problems of youth based on bible portion Genesis chapter 3. Though so many problems faced and the main focus was given on "temptations". The very first temptation comes to our mind from The Bible is the temptation which Adam & Eve
undergoes. Serpent tempted Eve by raising doubt whether God has really said not to eat the fruit. Similarly Satan lead us into temptation
by raising doubt in us. Here in this scenario Serpent tempted Eve by emphasizing that if you eat the fruit you will be like God. We always
think that we should be in control of everything. It helps Satan to put us in temptation. Because like Eve at times we want to be like God and
control everything.

About the fruit which made Eve to be tempted by Serpent there are 3 kinds of temptation:

  • Temptation of eye
  • Temptation to consume
  • Temptation to possess

Temptation of eye:
Eve got tempted primarily by the sight. Even in our life we are primarily tempted by sight or eyes. In 2 Samuel 11:2
we can see that David sinned due to temptation of eye. In this era of technology chances are more for youngsters to get tempted by eye.

Temptation to consume: Nowadays we human beings are consuming or eating food not because of hunger but for taste. This is another
form of temptation which will lead us to be tempted.

Temptation to possess: We always have temptation to possess everything we desire. We human-beings are never satisfied with what we
have, that's why we always got an urge to possess. And thereby we will be easily tempted.

Being tempted is not a sin but falling into temptation is sin. We are always surrounded by the temptation of becoming God, by temptation
of eye, temptation to consume, temptation to possess. As Jesus Christ overcame the temptation which Satan raised, we will also be able to
overcome the temptations. We live in a world of temptations and the only solution to overcome this temptation is with Jesus Christ. This leads
a life with him and word of God. We will acquire the strength to resist all kinds of temptation which Satan tries like he did in Adam & Eve.

Some doubts were asked to achen:

How to overcome the peer pressure?

The only solution is that we should have strong faith and should have courage to say no to the temptation which Satan will be raising
through peer groups. Achen explained it with an example from his own experience in life.

Then Joby achen who is the new chaplain for youth ministry in Chennai gave a self-introduction and requested all youths for their co-operation in his
ministry. And he presented a urge for meeting all the students and youths, thereby extending works of youth ministry in Chennai.

Our Vicar, Gigy achen offered all support for Joby achen in name of our sakhyam and inspired the youths to overcome peer pressure. He
also asked sakhyam members to render support to others who are suffering from peer group pressure.

The meeting ended with prayer by V. M Mathew Achen.

- Jerin

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