Sunday, May 29, 2011

MOM: May 22, 3Ms lead by Bishop's secretary Achen

In today's session we had Rev Jose C Joseph achen who is the diocesan Bishop's secretary speaking to the Youth members.

The main message was the necessity to be control of 3Ms. The three Ms are

  • Motor bike
  • Mobile
  • Mouse
Each the above can impact our lives negatively if we are not careful. He called up the youth to deal with care each of these.

We need to make sure we are not addicted to say the mobile. Ending up talking when it not necessary and wasting time that can otherwise be spent productively.

Also make sure you are not addicted to the computer. Know the limits that you have to observe on your own. Listen to your conscience, and stay clearly away from bad sites.

All these point to one theme. Know your limits and make sure you do not abuse the freedom and trust entrusted on you by your family and society.

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