Monday, April 18, 2011

Farewell meet for Rev Sam Koshy Achen - Photo Feature

On Sunday the farewell meeting for Sam Koshy achen.

Rev. Sam Koshy achen is leaving Chennai. He was a very popular achen among the youth and has been participating in various activities of our Yuvajana Sakhyam like the one day outing to Scripture Union.

Christo, Reji and Jerin shared their experience on the good guidance and enlightenment provided to personally each one of them and as youth league by both achens.

Mementos were presented to KC George and Sam Koshy achen

Sam achen thanked everyone for their good words .He took the opportunity to also thank the people who had greatly influenced his life, the foremost being his mother who according to him challenged them through her steadfast faith in God in spite of undergoing lot of turmoil in her life.

Achen urged each one o f us to challenge others through our faith in God

Achen said “I am a collaborative product “

Achen also expressed gratitude towards his parish in Elanthore and especially K O Philopose achen who had been instrumental in great changes in his life and guided him into church ministry. Achen also thanked Sunil George and K G Paul achen for shaping his teaching ability.

Achen also gave some insights on significance of kneeling during Good Friday Services.

When we kneel before god we:

· Admit Gods supreme authority in our life

· Remember the great sacrifice of our Lord Jesus on the cross for remission of our sins.

· Look forward for a new heaven and salvation which is symbolically represented when we kneel toward the eastern direction(Revelation 21:2-11)

Achen urged each of us to give tithe and to challenge others through our faith.

K C George achen greatly appreciated the various initiatives taken by youth league and encouraged us to continue with the same spirit and enthusiasm.

Thank you for your leadership Achen.

- Dayana / Deena

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