Thursday, January 13, 2011

MOM : Jan 9th Resolutions for 2011 and how to implement..

Last Sunday, we had a good session to chalk out our personal plans for Year 2011 :-) We started of with Rev. Abraham Philip talking on how to get started in the new year.

We had a variety of resolutions. Here are some of them. Some of them are funny so t was easy to recollect :-)

  • Read the newspaper more often
  • Going walking for 30 minutes everyday
  • Improve overall health
  • Increase my average exams score for this year, compared to last year
  • Increase my weight
  • decrease my weight
  • spend more time in prayer and Bible study
  • make family prayer mandatory
  • wake up early in the morning

One suggestion was to remind the person on the "right" whether they were able to achieve their resolutions. This way there is some form of motivation to act on their resolutions.

I am sure there were other resolutions and there were a lot of suggestions on how to achieve some of these. Like how to reduce weight, .. getting up warly in the morning etc... Everyone did not get a chance o express their opinion....

Use the blogs comments sections to give your point of view !

Reminder : Saturday we have the Students enrichment program at AnnaNagar !. See you in church at 8:15 AM. Also check out the various events for Jan - Feb 2011.

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  1. paranja resolutions palikann oru solution um kittunillaaa......