Thursday, January 6, 2011

MOM : Jan 2nd : Next week resolutions for 2011

The first session was dedicated for planning for the activities for 2011. Hopefully we will be able to implement a few of those planned.

Next week the members will share the resolutions for 2011 ! Everyone will be given an opportunity to talk. addiyyum, eddiyum ellathu, paranjal mathi. You can summarize in 30 seconds !

We will also be having a one day outing on Jan 26th Wednesday, a public holiday to Scripture Union Center on ECR, Chennai.

We are also planning to go for the Maramon Convention 2011. Planning to book tickets on Sunday after the Sakhyam meeting this week. Trip is planned for Feb 18 from here and return from Kerala on Feb 20th Sunday. Those interested please plan and bring Rs 700 towards booking train tickets. Or you could book it yourself for Chenganuur or Tiruvalla.

See you next week.


  1. Limited train tickets are available. So do the booking asap.

  2. Athentha aa malyalathil paranjathu???

  3. rephrased. that was based on last weeks comments from members :-)