Monday, November 22, 2010

MOM : Nov. 21st

As discussed the Kalamela will be held in our church on Saturday.

You can get the schedule details on our web page.

Various committee members have been identified.

Host for Various events :
Singing Segment : Robin, Dayana, Deena
One Act Play Segment : Renosh, Biju, Aju
Painting Segment : Sweety, Biju, 1 member from Tambaram
Essay Writing Segment : Anish (Kuruvilla), 1 member from Tambaram

Registration Desk: Sam, Anoop, Cinchu, 2 members from Tambaram
Hospitality / Travel/ Food : Sherin, Rooshan, Cinchu
Food Committee : Biju, Sherin, Rooshan

Lets meet on Friday 5 PM at Church for practice for the group songs. Also the various hosts should make it by then.

Have a great week ahead.


  1. Gladwin is also in food committee :-)

  2. Panupilla Ariyathe oru echa polum Kayarathilla!!!!


    Panupilla echakku polum micham vekathilla@@@@@

  3. Guys Good Luck For the Competition...