Friday, November 19, 2010

MOM : Nov. 14 Unity Sunday

We had a pleasant meeting last Sunday which also happened to be Children's day and Unity Sunday (the CSI, CNI, Marthoma Churches).

We spent most of the time practicing for the group song for the Kalamela.

The below are the group songs we will be singing.
- Blessed Assurance
- O What a wonderful, wonderful day

Malayalam Group song : Same song we sang for the Youth Sunday.

Please note all those who attend the Yuvajana Sakhyam can participate. Please get in touch asap if you want to join an event.

Individual Events :
English : Solo (1 given + 1 songs): Nia, Ruby
Malayalam Song (Any 1 song) : Solo : Nia, Ruby
Essay Writing : ? , Sujith
Poetry : Christo, Soumya
Elocution : Sujith, Rino
Mimicry : Christo
Recitation : Cinchu, Deepti
Sketching : Deena, ?
Painting : Deena, ?
Cartooning : ?
Clay Modelling : Kuruvilla, Sherin
Instrumental Music :
String - Jenzo
Keyboard - Nia
Wind - Nia

Singing :- English (2 songs ) : Everyone : Up to 12 members. We will sing the song, Blessed Assurance & O What a wonderful day.. .
Singing :- Malayalam : Everyone : Up to 12 members.
One Act Play : ?
Bible Quiz : Christo, Gladwin, ?
Choreography : ?
Tableau : Christo & Team

The above list was updated on Nov. 22
Summary of the sermon in church :

  • It was the CSI, CNI, Marthoma Church Unity Sunday.
  • The main theme was one flock, one shepherd. Rev. Samuel stressed on the need for unity among all for fullness of life.
  • It was based on the Bible portion: St. John 10. The threat of globalization and manipulation is far from what we read about the good shepherd in John's gospel.
  • We need to also remember that we are all equal in God's sight. Take it literally. No exceptions, and seek the other so that we lead more humane lives.

Have a great week ahead.

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