Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MOM: Sept 26, 2010

We had a fun filled session today.

We started off with the Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Sept. 25. The accounts of the Onam programs were also presented and passsed.

This was followed by dumb charades. The gathering was divided in to 2 teams. Each team had to ask one of their representatives to act out a character, like St Thomas, St. Stephen etc, while the rest guessed the character.

It was easier than expected as almost every team guessed all their characters ! All well versed in the Bible. It also shows -why we had a lot of accolades for the skit presented in the Onam Celebrations :-)

Important Note : Oct. 2nd Week - Oct 10th Sunday will be the Youth Sunday. Please make sure all attend it and be blessed. Rev. V. M. Mathew achen will lead the worship service and retreat program.

BTW do not forget to post your comments in the Onam Program blogs, ....  

We had 2 members celebrating their birthdays in our group this week.  21st was Biju's and Monday 27th,  was Kuruvillla's birthday. I will try not to be biased and try to get everyone's birthday updated here (ofcourse minus the year :-)  ).  

Until next week.... 

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