Sunday, November 4, 2012

Minutes of meeting

Our yuvajana Sakhyam’s second committee meeting(2012-2013) was held on 03.11.12 at 2.00 pm in our church. Sakha President Rev. Gigy Thomas presided the meeting. Achen congratulated the whole team for the success of Onam celebration and our timely completion of the previously scheduled activities.
Miss. Blessy Joseph, treasurer, presented the half yearly accounts and the committee passed the same. Given below are the account details.

Total Income :- 1,59,849.00 (along with previous year’s balance)
Total Expence:- 51,293.00

Balance :
     Cash in hand :- 4,123.00
     Cash at Bank :- 44,433.00
     Fixed Deposit :- 60,000.00

Following are the other decisions taken in the meeting.

01. Charity Program:- Today’s committee decided to sponsor 2 students among those supported by the charitable society of our church.
02. Study class on Sacraments: - Will be conducted from Nov 04th to Dec 02nd. Rev. Thomas Mathew, Rev. Philip Philip, Rev. Manoj Idicula, Rev. Joby Thomas and Rev. Gigy Thomas will lead the sessions. Miss. Jerin Abraham and Miss. Feba Sosa are selected as conveners.
03. Diocesan kalamela :-  As per the instructions from Diocesan officials, this year’s Chennai – Bangalore youth kalamela will be held in our church on 24th Nov 2012. To decide more on kalamela, today’s committee decided to call another meeting immediately.
04. Christmas Carol Program:-  Present Musical skit on Christmas carol eve.
05. Devotional Song Book :- Publish a Devotional Song Book with Malayalam - English Translation and English Songs. The book costs Rs.100.
06. One Day Retreat:- This financial year’s one day retreat will be on 26th Jan 2013. The committee decided to enquire the availability of Sri perumpathur asha bhavan and Holistic Center, Anna Nagar. Committee requested Achen to arrange a guest speaker for this.
07. Youth Sunday :- Our youth Sunday will be celebrated on Nov 11th Sunday. The programs are the same as decided earlier in sakhyam meeting. Today’s committee decided to give some light refreshments during youth Sunday meeting.
08. Blood Donation Drive :- Arrange a blood donation camp with the help of Rotary club on Jan 2013. On the same day, also arrange a blood group identification camp and maintain a blood group register.
09. Eco club :- Arrange a ecological seminar by Dr. George Zacharia and plant and protect some trees in our church premises.
10. One day picnic: - The postponed one day picnic will be organized as early as possible.

The meeting ended at 3.15 pm with Achen’s benediction followed by Miss. Feba’s prayer.

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