Saturday, August 7, 2010

Futsal : Football Tournament Update

Well we had a great start with participation from many members of the St Pauls Marthoma Church Youth League. We had a 7 member football team. Everyone gathered at 7:30 AM and we headed to the YMCA Grounds at Nandanam. Our match was at 10 AM and we were all charged up.

SMS from Gladwin :
Idivettu Biju
Minnal Kuruvilla
Vadivaal Christo
Kalari Gibu
Veidikattu Joseph
Patallum Rinosh
Vettukathi Vineeth ....
. to be replied at the bottom....

The teams were good. One tidbit. There was one international team with 3 guys from Africa and another 2 girls from Australia (not sure).. They represented Powerhouse A Team and won their match 2-0.

Our matches got started at 10:10 AM. It got over just in time for us get back for the Onam practice sessions. Oh.. btw t
he score line was 2-0.

Special thanks to Regi and Family for turning up. We also had another visitor Bharath for encouragement.

Thanks to all the participants and see you in church tomorrow. Checkout more snaps below.

SMS From Biju :
Yenthokke pukilayirunnu !
Avasanam Pavanai Shavamai :-)


  1. ... .. . . ennum orru good start allathe verre oru commentum kaanunillello :-) knock knock .. anybody home ?