Sunday, June 20, 2010

MOM June 6th First session for 2010

Leadership by : Rev. K. C. George

Bible Reading : We started off the year by reading Proverbs Chapter 1.

Topic of discussion : Who is your true Foundation ?
This was the topic in church too. Is the foundation of your life on a rock or on the sand.Like the wise man who built his house on the rock while the foolish man built his house on the sand, we need to make Jesus the foundation of our lives.

There was also an elaborate discussion on how we can try to live a true Christian Life in the current society. Christo also shared a real life incident in the context of this debate. He elaborated on how he stood up when there was a real need to help a person who was being targeted.

Testimony shared by Dayana

Pre-Committee Meeting Suggestions from members :

1) Have a fixed and predictable time for the Youth League Session
2) Discuss on relevant topics for Youth
a) Choosing a life partner / Marriage & Divorce
3) Meditate on what was preached in the church
4) Career Goals
5) Doubts in the Bible
6) Cottage Fellowship
7) Publish Year's events / activities in advance
- competitions
- retreats
8) YL Members should participate more in church like assisting the Achen etc.
- engage new members
- Assist Achen
9) Give members to share their testimony
10) Have a prayer box that members can drop prayer requests in.
11) Bring out a hand written book of the members

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